Introduction to Dining Halls of Diet Center

Dear new students, welcome to Lanzhou University. In the coming years, Diet Center of the university will provide you with best service. Established in 2003 and affiliated with Logistics Management Office, Diet Center provides food service for about 35,000 undergraduates, postgraduates, and teaching and administrative staff. There are altogether 13 dining halls located in Tianshui Road Campus, Donggang Road Campus, Jiayuguan Road Campus and Yuzhong Campus, with a total area of about 37,475 square meters.

Danguiyuan Dining Hall is in Tianshui campus mainly for postgraduates, with food for students on the first floor, food for the teaching and administrative staff on the second floor, various local snacks on the third floor, and halal food in the west side of the first floor. Xinzhuyuan Dining Hall is located in Donggang Campus, with various local snacks on the first floor, food for students on the second floor, and food for guests on the third flool. Zhilanyuan Dining Hall is situated in Yuzhong Campus, with food for students on the first floor, and food for the teaching and administrative staff on the second floor. Yushuyuan Dining Hall is also in Yuzhong Campus, with snacks on the first floor and halal food. The dining halls can provide both a great number of different kinds of delicious foods at different levels and customized service in a pleasant environment every day.

The dining halls for students provide more than 150 varieties of daily staple and subsidiary foods, including hand-pulled noodles with beef, fried noodles, snacks, stewed vegetable in pottery pot, mini hot pot, small steamed buns, fried dishes, all kinds of desserts and so on. The dining halls providing snacks bring in various snacks with distinct local flavors of Longnan, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hunan, Sichuan, and Korea. The dining halls for guests are at high level with good environment and thus the perfect place for parties. The halal dining halls are popular for their flavors of ethnic features.

Welcome to our dining halls! You can contact us at 0931-8912900.


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