About Donations

Donations are used in the construction and development of the university. Donation management procedures are drafted in accordance with the Acts of Donations for Public Welfare of People¡¯s Republic of China and the Acts of Higher Education of People¡¯s Republic of China, for the purpose of promoting the management of donations in their various forms, guaranteeing the mutual interests of the donors and Lanzhou University, and ensuring the full use of the donations.

1. Organization

The work of the Donation Management Committee (DMC), established by Lanzhou University to manage donations from various sources. DMC¡¯s subordinate Donation Management Office, responsible for the daily business of the Committee. The president of Lanzhou University serves as the Director, the Director of the Development and Planning Office serves as the Chief Secretary and the executives of other offices of the university serve as standing committee members. DMC will also have honorary members and consultants to offer advice concerning the collection and spending of donated funds.

2. Collection of Donations

Lanzhou University encourages all faculty and staff to raise funds from various sources. The main sources of donations are:

1.    Enterprises, businesses, communal organizations and private sources from Mainland China;

2.    Enterprises, communal organizations and private sources from Hong Kong, Xiamen, and Taiwan;

3.    Foreign enterprises, communal organizations, and private sources;

4.    Interest and dividends from foundations;

5.    Other legal sources.

The donations may take the forms of cash, securities, stocks, options, insurances, etc. There is no limit to the amount and types of donations. Lanzhou University respects the will of the donor concerning the purpose of the donation and will manage the spending of the donation to the ultimate benefit conceived by the donor; due acknowledgement and award will be given to the donor; and a prize will be awarded to the person or organization conducive to the completion of the donation.

A scholarship or prize for teachers and students in an amount over 0.1 million Yuan will bear the name of the donor. Donors, whether organizations or private, domestic or international, will enjoy priority in the establishment of cooperative programs and use of the campus facilities as long as such programs or use are legal and legitimate according to Chinese law and the policies of Lanzhou University.

3. Management of Donated Funds

All donations will be supervised by the Financial Office of Lanzhou University. Those designated by the donors for particular purposes will be managed separately according to the purpose program; those not designated for specific purposes by the donors will be managed by the university donation foundation. The donation will be permanently deposited in the bank and only the interest or added value will be used.

Donated funds will be used in the following fields, except as otherwise designated by the donors:

1.    Improvement of teaching and research facilities, including buildings, equipment and books;

2.    Prizes for distinguished students and teachers, relief for poor students;

3.    Coverage of expenses for academic visits by international and domestic experts, Academia Sinica fellows, and famous professors;

4.    Subsidy for campus innovation and academic contests;

5.    Subsidy for other projects conducive to the development of Lanzhou University.

All schools and departments of Lanzhou University may draft their own procedures concerning donation and establish their own management committees to supervise it, based on this document.

Upon completion of the donated fund financed project, the beneficiary must submit to the Donation Management Office a full report concerning the project and the use of the funds.

The Donation Management Office will issue bulletins at the end of each year informing donors of the use of the funds they have donated.

4. Management of Donations in Other Forms

Lanzhou University accepts donations in forms other than funds, e.g. books, instruments, equipment and vehicles.

Lanzhou University will sign agreements with the donors and the donors will complete Lanzhou University Material Donation Registration Form. All donated materials will be included in the list of fixed assets of Lanzhou University and be management by DMC.

Conclusion, interruption and liquidation of donated fund financed projects are made according to the regulation concerned. Lanzhou University encourages organizations and persons, external or internal, to provide information concerning potential sources of donations. No organization or person may raise funds in the name of Lanzhou University without advance approval of the DMC.

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