Research Bases

  1. - Western China Research and Development Centre for Grassland Industry, Gansu, China (WCRDCGI)
  2. - State Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry (SKLAOC)
  3. - Engineering Research Center for Neutron Application Technology, Ministry of Education
  4. - MOE Engineering Research Center of Open Source Software and Real Time System
  5. - Engineering and Technological Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Arid Agriculture and
  6. - Engineering Research Centre of Grassland Industry, Ministry of Education, China (ERCGI)
  7. - Key Laboratory of Semi-Arid Climate Change, Ministry of Education, Lanzhou University
  8. - Key Laboratory for Magnetism and Magnetic Materials of MOE
  9. - Key Laboratory of Cell Activities and Stress Adaptations
  10. - Key Laboratory of Mechanics on Disaster and Environment in Western China (Lanzhou University), MOE
  11. - Key Laboratory of Western China¡¯s Environmental Systems, Ministry of Education (MOE)
  12. - Key Laboratory of Grassland Agro-ecosystems of the Ministry of Agriculture
  13. - Key Lab of Preclinical Study for New Drugs of Gansu Province
  14. - Key Laboratory of Nonferrous Metals Chemistry and Resources Utilization of Gansu Province
  15. - Key Laboratory of Urological Diseases in Gansu Province
  16. - Key Laboratory of Digestive System Tumor of Gansu Province
  17. - Key Laboratory for Gastrointestinal Diseases of Gansu Province
  18. - Key Laboratory for Orthopaedics of Gansu Province

  1. - Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis
  2. - Institute of Molecular Pharmacology
  3. - Microbial and Biochemical Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  4. - Institute of Pharmacognosy
  5. - Institute of Pharmaceutics
  6. - Institute of Medicinal Chemistry
  7. - Institute of Chinese Philosophy and Marxism
  8. - Institute of Islamic Culture Studies
  9. - Institute of Sociology and Demography
  10. - Institute of Western Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  11. - Department of Philosophy and Sociology
  12. - Northwest Socioeconomic Development and Assessment Center (NWSDAC)
  13. - Institute of Dunhuang Studies
Scientific Cooperation Programs


Mobile Post-doctoral Stations

Lanzhou University is among the first universities to set up mobile post-doctoral stations and implement the system of post-doctor in China. It has es

Scientific Achievements

  1. - Uplift of the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau and Environmental Change Since Late Miocene
  2. - Research on Key Technology of Iminostilbene Production and Application
  3. - Several Chiral Catalytic Synthesis Method and its Application in the Study of Peptide
  4. - Degradation and Restoration Mechanism and Health Assessment of Grasslands in Northern China
  5. - Theoretical Investigations on Multi-Fields Coupling and Nonlinear Mechanics of Structures Employing
  6. - Research on Late Quaternary Climatic and Environmental Changes in Boundary of Monsoon Regions in Nor
Scientific Administration

  1. - Social Sciences Administration Office
  2. - Science & Technology Administration Office
Institutional Repository of LZU