Introduction to Mobile Post-doctoral Stations

Lanzhou University is among the first universities to set up mobile post-doctoral stations and implement the system of post-doctor in China. It has established 14 centers for post-doctoral studies such as Applied Economics, Ethnology, History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Atmospheric Sciences, Geology, Biology, Mechanics, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, Animal Husbandry, Clinical Medicine in the seven disciplines of Science, Economics, Law, History, Engineering, Medicine, and Agriculture at present.

Since 1985, Lanzhou University has recruited 238 post-doctoral researchers, among whom 149 have already been outbound.

The post-doctor recruiting and training at Lanzhou University has also undergone a great change, from the state-funding to a variety of coexisting types such as state-funding recruiting, self-financing recruiting, joint recruiting with enterprises, recruiting based on projects and recruiting of foreign doctors, which promotes the diversification of training modes post-doctoral research fellows.

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