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Award Ceremony for 4th Sharp Eye Cup: Video and Film Exhibition held in LZU

By LZU | 09/12/2016 15:21:00 | Views ()

The Award Ceremony for 4th Sharp Eye Cup: Video and Film Exhibition was held in room C302 at Hall of Tianshan Mountains in Yu Zhong campus of LZU in the evening of December 3rd. 

490 works from 25 schools were received for Sharp Eye Cup competition this year, including 452 photographic works, 23 short videos and 15 original screenplays.

Photography prize:

First prize (1 winner)
Du Lihua from school of Journalism and Communication enrolled in 2015: An Old Artist at Zhen Hua Street

Second prize (2 winners)
Lan Dong, School of Dentistry enrolled in 2012 : When Liquid Iron Kisses Ancient Wall

Second prize (2 winners)
Chen Hao, School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics enrolled in 2016: Look Into the Future

Third prize (3 winners)
Zhao Zhiyuan, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering enrolled in 2013: Yearning

Third prize (3 winners)
Li Yiqing, School of History and Culture enrolled in 2015 : Since I Was Young

Third prize (3 winners)
Wang Lina, School of public health enrolled in 2014: The Gaze into Times

Links of the awarded video:
Wang Yue & Liang Yifang: Love Yourself Is the Beginning of A Lifelong Romance
Zhan Jiaming & Wang Shuangxing: Lanzhou after Midnight
Wu Jin: The Aspiration of Youth
Miao Qiulu: Crime and Punishment
Shao Siyuan & Zhao Manting: A Calamity
A Dou Gacuo, Fan Qi, Wei Hongli and Hai Xiufang: Ga Cuo and A Cow

(Translated by Gao Pei; proofread by Xing Tingting)

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