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Academician Yao Tandong appointed by Lanzhou University

By LZU | 03/07/2018 16:26:00 | Views ()

On the morning of June 30th, Lanzhou University held an appointment ceremony for Academician Yao Tandong to be the academic director of Frontier Scientific Center on Third Pole Ecological Environment and Climate Change.

LZU president Yan Chunhua said that it is an important opportunity for LZU by appointing Academician Yao Tandong for further development. All functional departments should improve their services, take serving every teacher and student as the primary task, and provide assurance for the development of talents through deeper, more detailed and warmer services.

Academician Yao said that being appointed by Lanzhou University owes to the continuous promotion and efforts of the school leadership, and the establishment of the Frontier Scientific Center reflects the strength and determination of Lanzhou University. He hopes that through the development in the following five to ten years, the center will become a highland and platform for talents, and gain high-level achievement in the domestic academic circles.

LZU party secretary Yuan Zhanting said that the appointment of Academician Yao is a milestone in the history of LZU, which will further build a platform for communication between Lanzhou University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Institute, and the international and domestic counterparts. He pointed out that to develop the frontier scientific center into a special area of LZU, we should dare to try first, innovate new system and mechanism, and plan the construction plan.

On behalf of LZU, Yan Chunhua signed an appointment contract with Yao Tandong.

Heads of the school office, human resource department, talent reserve office, science and technology departments, college of atmospheric sciences, and college of earth and environmental sciences attended the appointment ceremony.


(Translated by Li Xingyi; proofread by Zhang Yina; edited by Zhang Yuyuan)

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