Presidentí»s Message

The essence of great learning is to seek supreme benevolence. Dear students, welcome to Lanzhou University! You will enjoy yourselves in the sea of knowledge at the famous university with a history of over one hundred years, achieve your ambition and build the solid foundation of the dream mansion shared between us. In your future life, the lifelong honor and title of í░a member of Lanzhou Universityí▒ will follow you forever, and the spirit of Lanzhou University lasting one hundred years will be the unremitting power and the quality of supreme benevolence deep in your soul.

As we all know, Rome was not built in one day. It has been my firm belief that as long as we work well on every thing at present, we can make a difference in future and continuously strive for  supreme benevolence. College life brings about a brand new yet the most important picture in your life. Better or worse, it is how to start that determines the end pattern of the picture. I hope you can set up a great ideal, make a plan for your study and life during your college career, try to shape yourselves as a qualified member of Lanzhou University with a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and perseverance, and integrate each step pursuing knowledge and truth and good quality into the great cause of the motherland and people.

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